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Why is BBNaija Considered a Sin?

This is just me thinking aloud and I feel someone needs to be real here.

Many religious people in Nigeria have had their share of opinion regarding #BBNaija including and not limited to questioning the faith of other religious people in support of the program, considering the program devilish, proclaiming the external life of religious people that watch the program to be Hell, and much more.

Like MTN project fame, the Voice, Glo Talent show (can’t remember its name), and other entertainment programs, BBNaija is one of them. Their aim is to create a platform for youths to expose their talents, skills, and other success criteria to potential investors, employers, and the globe in their desired career field. Organizations involved in these programs consider them as an act of being corporately and socially responsible i.e giving back to the society. 

Now is a church or mosque considered an organization? Aside evangelism, what other CSR do you offer the society? Your schools, who attends them? Are they subsidized for the poor, or families whose annual income is less than a certain percentage of the country’s GDP for their children to attend? How many unemployed youths are in your church? What foundation or program is targeted towards empowering these youths?

Of course, the Church and Mosque are considered religious organizations but many are losing focus of the real deal.

The devil is not stupid, permit me to make that clear first before saying any further on this issue.

Christians and Muslims condemning the show, have you asked yourselves if you are in the right frame of action to do so?

BBNaija brought people together irrespective of their background, finances, culture, religion, and other nominating criteria to come into a house and be themselves without being judged. How many churches or mosques can openly welcome people with love in their midst without being judged and helping God classify them as believers and unbelievers? How many churches or mosques can help their members genuinely without expecting anything back or help not because he/she is an active member of the church or mosque but because it’s what your faith requires of you. You and I can not count the number of unemployed graduates in religious places today.

The list continues but my fingers will ache by the time I am done.

The truth is that prayer is not the solution to many problems today and many religious organizations are yet to understand that fact and because the “devil” was fast enough in realizing that fact for us, he has taken advantage of it. Instead of Christians and Muslims criticizing the program (or other “devilish” program), what is your alternative(s)?

Of Course, None. There is no alternative, no strategy, no plan. We are still doing the  “pointing finger game” of who is more righteous than the other. I am yet to see any religious organization in Nigeria that is corporately and socially responsible (if you see any, let me know), yet they are the richest sector in Nigeria.

I am tempted to pour out more than I should, I had better stop there.

Finally, dear religious organizations start creating programs that empower youths and can beat the “devilish” agenda behind programs like BBNaija. Try to create platforms that will allow people of your religious focus be welcomed without fear of being judged or classified and it can also be an opportunity to welcome more people to your religious focus with the aim of empowering them financially and socially. For example: If all religious leaders in Nigeria dedicate a certain percent of their offerings or tithes towards creating a program for youths, we will be completely amazed and happy to tell the devil that we have taken our battle to a new level and we ready to match him and its agenda for the world back to back.

In conclusion, if as Christians or Muslims in religious organizations in Nigeria have decided not to create other youth empowerment programs aside spiritual empowerment, I can proudly come to an outstanding conclusion that we have no right to judge #BBNaija a sin and until we do, we should be grateful to non-religious organizations that have decided to empower youths through various platforms e.g Poverty eradication. Although, some immoral acts occurred in the house which shouldn’t be a yardstick for condemning the program, hence, religious organizations creating such programs will be able to control such acts from being promoted in the media. Efe is a testimony and many more EFEs will keep on hustling in government approved programs that support their hustle for greatness while they maintain their faith in their religion because they consider their victory – a GRACE OF GOD.


Queen Muna.

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