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What Is The Time?

Hey, what’s the time, please?

Is it time for me to get married?

Is it time for me to be a graduate?

Is it time for me to have my first child?

Is it time for me to start losing weight?

Is it time to start a relationship?

Is it time?

Is it time? Is it time? Oh, what’s the time, please?

I think am late,

Yea, am late

Time was created by God,  but its perception was created by man. Every continent has its time when some go to bed and others wake up for the day. It doesn’t mean that any of those continents are progressing faster or slower than the other. In Canada, there are six time zones, yet, the growth of each province is relative to each other, hence, contributing to the entire country’s growth.

Every day, we slowly forget to live the life we were created to live because we let the society’s time determine how we live. We are controlled by the time, we want to do things by the time. For example: Be a graduate at 22, a career at 25, a family at 30, be successful at 40 and retire at 60.

Wow to the Wawu!

Congratulations, if you are part of the lucky 1% that could live such a timely life. What happens after 60? Sweetie, you plan to die obviously because you never lived. On your dying bed, you see your life in a mirror and wished you could re-live it but honey, you not a cat with nine lives, you only have one! #Sorry

We have allowed the society determine when we show up to our own events, and when we are late, we slowly swim into depression. The worse kind of depression is being unaware of your depression. You become extremely competitive and desperate to fall into the society’s clock because that is your definition of “Living”. I hate to tell you honey, but you dying, slowly and surely.

Life is like wishing we were all skinny and when you wear a size 4 UK dress you wish it fits the same as a size 4 US, but that is a size 6. Therefore, you are not too skinny, the dress is just not right for you. Also, if you wear a size 6 UK and a size 8 US fits you, it doesn’t mean you gained weight. It is just the same dress seen differently by two nations based on circumstances around them.

Why can’t we see life that way?

We all can’t have that proposed timeline of a successful life but we can control our own timeline. There is no perfect time to be you than when you decide to be you. There is no perfect time to arrive at your party until you decide it’s time to raise the roof.  There is no perfect time!

Be in charge of your moments. Don’t let the society make you wish you are not living because your current state of life seems abnormal at your age. Don’t let people ask you “why” when there is no reason for the “why”.

For example: Why are you still single at 25, when will you find him and settle down? Why have you not had a child yet after 2 – infinity years of marriage, are you guys trying at all? Why are you still in school, you are not done yet? Why have you not gained admission to the university yet? Cynthia* and David* are already graduates at 20 and you are turning 22 next month. Check your life ooo …. and much more.

You see those questions don’t need an answer because it’s not their business! Therefore, don’t make it your business in searching for answers to give them. Rather than trying to please people, try to please yourself (It is okay to be selfish). Try to see what makes you happy irrespective of the chaos life throws at you. Try to worry less and pray more.

Matthew 6: 32 – 34 says:

32 For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. 33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Your time is your time and not anyone’s. Just because you are not where the society expects you to be or where your peers are, doesn’t make you late.

Always remember, you never late to show up at your party. If the guests can’t wait for your turn up, let them leave! Your real guests will always wait for your arrival.


*: Names based on assumption.

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