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How Easy Can I Crave For?

The time is 2’0 clock on a potentially boring Thursday morning.

The battle between my bed’s desire for my warmest attention and my laptop screaming with loads of articles to read and process into the category of potential articles for my thesis or to the trash, made me cry out in a plea for an easy journey.

The journey, it is different.

It is totally different from what I imagined it to be. I love to write, but this kind of writing journey leads me to the prize and I must pay the price. I can’t ignore this journey neither will I trade it for the temporary warmness from my bed.

The journey has shown the weakness in my strengths which I must turn around to a positive use. Gradually, the thought of reading an unwanted article makes me want to curse the author at the end for writing either a misleading title or abstract. Metaphorically, I could scream my lungs out after such traumatic experience (lol).

Don’t get it twisted, I am not complaining. I love what I am doing, I just crave for an easy way out.

How easy can I crave for?

Muna, that is a problem. I can’t have it that easy.

I know what led me to this journey and I know where I want to be, hence, I am making those sacrifices to make every second that counts be worth it at the end.

If it was easy…

I never would have been here.

If it was easy, we would all have equal journeys,

Equal fates,

Equality would be the center of our lives.

We wouldn’t need to run the extra mile or train harder.

Many of us want the prize but very few are willing to pay the price.

Every dream, mission, and passion comes with a sacrifice

It is not supposed to be easy neither should we want it to be easy

The word “EASY” doesn’t exist.

Hence, I crave not for it






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