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Hey, Let’s Fail

The word “failure” is scary?

It is scary that we never want to imagine

It happens,

We cry, We ask questions, We push blames,

We refuse to imagine the idea of failure actually becoming a reality


Yea, we are the reality of failure

But, Hey!

Do you know it could be temporary and yet permanent?

It is a matter of your choice!

Your choice, not mine nor the society’s

Yours Alone

A real failure is a person that decides to wallow in their failures while they question everything they could do differently

Failure, It is my best friend!

Failure is behind every success story. It is the motivation towards success

You can’t be successful without a failure

You can’t be successful if there was no doubtful moment

You can’t be successful if there was no reason to quit

You can’t be successful if you actually did quit

Hey, Let’s Fail

Fail as many times as you can

Welcome your doubtful moment and mistakes

Appreciate your naysayers and condemnations


for every failure, doubtful moments, mistakes, naysayers, and condemnation,

Your reason for success grows

Your voice yearns to sing its success song. A song that would naturally pierce into the heart of everyone that supported, motivated, condemned

Success is not a privilege. It is obtained from hard-work and sacrifice.

What you sacrifice in the path of success matters more than the actual success.

Make sure you don’t sacrifice so much to just have the taste of success rather than build an empire of success


Show me a successful person without failures


I would show you a dead man that never lived

Find what makes you happy,

find your purpose in life

Don’t neglect your failure because in project management we consider them as “Lessons Learnt”. See your life as a project while you are the manager. Have the right team members, they go a long way. Open those doors that were shut to you.

In all,

Be Happy.

Once again,

Hey, Let’s Fail










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