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Love & Its Break…


It is beautiful

It is perfect

You dance in the dark with that special one while the world lights up at each other’s movement


It makes you happy

It makes you want to count the stars with the name of the other radiating among others on the sky

It is perfect

It is sacrifice

It is peace

You see how beautiful it is,

I mean,

Do you see how beautiful love is?

It is equivalent to its break

It shatters you

It weakens you

It breaks every single thread of hope hanging between you and the other

The other was your life

Imagine your life leaving you

Oh no,

I take that back

Imagine your whole life has been a lie filled with deceits


The regrets.


We had a favorite song.

It was our drug

We got addicted

Oh no,

I got addicted

You were my cure.

Love and its break,

I found myself in a rehab

I went insane because of you

I had migraines

The painkillers didn’t help…

You were my painkiller,

You were everything that cured anything


We were perfect in our mess

We complimented each other in our own kind of vibe

Our laughter was synchronized with each other’s heartbeat

The silence complimented the atmosphere

It was perfect

It had our lips sealed

Love and its break,

I thought it was real

I was hallucinating

It was not real


I fell in love with you

It’s break,

You never loved me.












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