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The Screws’ Tale

Have you ever heard people say: When you meet that person (the right person), you instantly know. Yea, I never really understood how that statement works until I learnt from the “SCREWS”. On Friday (January 26,2018), I was with a friend by name Amanda. She was sorting two lunch boxes filled with screws. I offered to help… Continue reading The Screws’ Tale

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A Love Story

Hey, Can I reminisce about our story? Some call it a love story, Others call it a story of infatuation which was short lived You call it, Love I call it, A Tale of Perfection Love is beautiful It is a feeling that expands your heart, yet shrinks your heart to vulnerability Can I fall… Continue reading A Love Story

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Be Selfish

It is quite interesting to grow up in a period when everyone wants to be loved, but have no desire to love back. The heart has officially been designed to serve its basic biological purpose of simply- pumping blood to the body. The recent trend of desire to be in a relationship is quite alarming. Seriously… Continue reading Be Selfish

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We Are All Negative

Many times I have been stunned at the amazing attitude of some individuals towards life. I wonder how they have been living with so much negativity and yet no one has had the courage to inform them of their negativities. The truth is, WE ARE ALL NEGATIVE. Just like the battery cell needs a positive and negative… Continue reading We Are All Negative

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Let Me Down, Don’t !

If I could speak of my love and hatred with the desired passion of laughter flowing in and out my life, you would understand how much pain I have tasted and the joy within knowing you are here. The past calling of exes has gone with your presence leading to a blissful future of just… Continue reading Let Me Down, Don’t !

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In My Shadow

Walk with me Do not walk with me Confused? Lost? No….   It is dark, yet so bright I have my shades on I dim the light to see you brighter I turn off the light I see you no more yet I feel you The light shines so bright you wish I could dim it… Continue reading In My Shadow

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Say Something…

Silence is the best answer when fools are involved but in the midst of the wise, Words are welcomed. Why would you be in a difficult situation and not tell people around you? Is it fear of being mocked or pride?