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Love & Its Break…

Love… It is beautiful It is perfect You dance in the dark with that special one while the world lights up at each other’s movement Love… It makes you happy It makes you want to count the stars with the name of the other radiating among others on the sky It is perfect It is… Continue reading Love & Its Break…

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Hey, Let’s Fail

The word “failure” is scary? It is scary that we never want to imagine It happens, We cry, We ask questions, We push blames, We refuse to imagine the idea of failure actually becoming a reality Because? Yea, we are the reality of failure But, Hey! Do you know it could be temporary and yet… Continue reading Hey, Let’s Fail

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Faces On The Train

While standing at the ticket stand in Queen’s Park station contemplating on the best ticket option that fits into my proposed busy schedule, I could not help but notice the serenity at the station. The atmosphere was nothing like a typical day at the station until my attention was drawn to a young beautiful lady… Continue reading Faces On The Train

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How Easy Can I Crave For?

The time is 2’0 clock on a potentially boring Thursday morning. The battle between my bed’s desire for my warmest attention and my laptop screaming with loads of articles to read and process into the category of potential articles for my thesis or to the trash, made me cry out in a plea for an… Continue reading How Easy Can I Crave For?

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A Love Story

Hey, Can I reminisce about our story? Some call it a love story, Others call it a story of infatuation which was short lived You call it, Love I call it, A Tale of Perfection Love is beautiful It is a feeling that expands your heart, yet shrinks your heart to vulnerability Can I fall… Continue reading A Love Story

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Why Did You Stop Praying?

It was a cloudy evening somewhere down the East side. The sun was parting ways for the moon to have its own fair share of performance. The birds gradually flapped their wings in unison while tweeting to the rhythm of the sky. The trees danced like peacocks proud of its existence and value to man.… Continue reading Why Did You Stop Praying?

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Let’s Make A Mistake

Last night, I came across a comedy movie titled “The Last Word”. It was about a senior citizen aged 81 that wanted her obituary written by a young journalist while she was alive. Harriett (the senior citizen) was a perfectionist that controlled everything including her own funeral. She wanted to know what people thought of her while… Continue reading Let’s Make A Mistake