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Why Did You Stop Praying?

It was a cloudy evening somewhere down the East side. The sun was parting ways for the moon to have its own fair share of performance. The birds gradually flapped their wings in unison while tweeting to the rhythm of the sky. The trees danced like peacocks proud of its existence and value to man.… Continue reading Why Did You Stop Praying?

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Let’s Make A Mistake

Last night, I came across a comedy movie titled “The Last Word”. It was about a senior citizen aged 81 that wanted her obituary written by a young journalist while she was alive. Harriett (the senior citizen) was a perfectionist that controlled everything including her own funeral. She wanted to know what people thought of her while… Continue reading Let’s Make A Mistake

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What Is The Time?

Hey, what’s the time, please? Is it time for me to get married? Is it time for me to be a graduate? Is it time for me to have my first child? Is it time for me to start losing weight? Is it time to start a relationship? Is it time? Is it time? Is… Continue reading What Is The Time?

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Do You Love Me?

Do you love me? Irrespective of who I was? Do you love me? … I love you, is that safe to say, Lord? I am not perfect but you perfect to me. You have tried to changed me but… I cant change Do you love me? There is no way you can love a sinner… Continue reading Do You Love Me?

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Be Selfish

It is quite interesting to grow up in a period when everyone wants to be loved, but have no desire to love back. The heart has officially been designed to serve its basic biological purpose of simply- pumping blood to the body. The recent trend of desire to be in a relationship is quite alarming. Seriously… Continue reading Be Selfish

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Let Us Pray

One Two Three: Unbuckle the shoes ¬†Four Five, Six: Walk into the temple Seven, Eight, Nine: Knee at the altar Ten: Let Us Pray Too many things happening in the world at once. Some are amazing and others awful. Some are funny, others are just sad, but in all, most of us grateful. The current… Continue reading Let Us Pray

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We Are All Negative

Many times I have been stunned at the amazing attitude of some individuals towards life. I wonder how they have been living with so much negativity and yet no one has had the courage to inform them of their negativities. The truth is, WE ARE ALL NEGATIVE. Just like the battery cell needs a positive and negative… Continue reading We Are All Negative