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What A Religious Clapback!

Be right back! 

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Why Did You Stop Praying?

It was a cloudy evening somewhere down the East side. The sun was parting ways for the moon to have its own fair share of performance. The birds gradually flapped their wings in unison while tweeting to the rhythm of the sky. The trees danced like peacocks proud of its existence and value to man.… Continue reading Why Did You Stop Praying?

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Let’s Make A Mistake

Last night, I came across a comedy movie titled “The Last Word”. It was about a senior citizen aged 81 that wanted her obituary written by a young journalist while she was alive. Harriett (the senior citizen) was a perfectionist that controlled everything including her own funeral. She wanted to know what people thought of her while… Continue reading Let’s Make A Mistake

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What Is The Time?

Hey, what’s the time, please? Is it time for me to get married? Is it time for me to be a graduate? Is it time for me to have my first child? Is it time for me to start losing weight? Is it time to start a relationship? Is it time? Is it time? Is… Continue reading What Is The Time?

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Why is BBNaija Considered a Sin?

This is just me thinking aloud and I feel someone needs to be real here. Many religious people in Nigeria have had their share of opinion regarding #BBNaija including and not limited to questioning the faith of other religious people in support of the program, considering the program devilish, proclaiming the external life of religious… Continue reading Why is BBNaija Considered a Sin?

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Nigeria, We Hail Thee

The national anthem is generally a patriotic musical composition that evokes and eulogizes the history, traditions and struggles of its people. I grew up with the current nation’s anthem on all its citizens responding to the nation’s call (i.e, to solve the nation’s problem) in order for the labor that the past, current, and future… Continue reading Nigeria, We Hail Thee

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Do You Love Me?

Do you love me? Irrespective of who I was? Do you love me? … I love you, is that safe to say, Lord? I am not perfect but you perfect to me. You have tried to changed me but… I cant change Do you love me? There is no way you can love a sinner… Continue reading Do You Love Me?