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A Love Story


Can I reminisce about our story?

Some call it a love story,

Others call it a story of infatuation which was short lived

You call it, Love

I call it, A Tale of Perfection

Love is beautiful

It is a feeling that expands your heart, yet shrinks your heart to vulnerability

Can I fall in love with you again?

Oh yes!

I am not supposed to fall in love with you but I am helplessly in love with you.

Our love isn’t blind,

We can see our imperfections,



Yet, we are imperfectly perfect for each other.

The whisper of my name from your lips creates feelings yet to be desired by man,

only God can tell.

Every day, I crave for a love greater than yester

we have made mistakes that we regret

We have given each other chances to become better for each other.

I found you,

You have found me,

Let’s shout Hallelujah.

You are my miracle because through you,

We found the way.

You asked I asked,

God replied with Love

Hey Mr. Imperfectly Perfect,

Just like the stars light up the sky,

We light up our lives

We are legitly LIT

We have grown to love each other irrespective of how toxic the world tried to make us feel towards each other,

You are my darling,

My blessing,

My Compass.

If I tell you it is a dream,

Let’s enjoy the fantasy together,

In Peace.








6 thoughts on “A Love Story

  1. This is really Awesome. Love really does expand the heart but still shrinks it to vulnerability. Awesome write up

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